PTC (Preliminary Theological Certificate) is a flexible academic course run by Moore College. It is a Distance learning program that will help you grow in your personal knowledge of God’s word.

Since the 1940s Moore College has been training lay men and women through its external courses. The Preliminary Theological Certificate (PTC) trains Christian lay people for children’s and youth ministries, as Bible-study leaders and as lay preachers. Over the past 70 years people have grown in their understanding of God through individual study or together in church groups. Around the world the PTC has been used to equip pastors and teachers in over 80 countries.

We run PTC groups for people who are interested in deepening their biblical knowledge. The group is held on Tuesday evenings at New Lambton Church Hall. A study coach walks the group through the PTC study notes over a 10 week period. At the end of the study, you can sit for a supervised exam, though this is not mandatory.